Edge Computing

TelMesa Engineering SRL is a young Startup Company focused on "Edge Computing". Learn more about "The Edge" as a part of future information system architectures.

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Some Basic Information about Edge Computing:


The Cloud (public / private / hybrid)

is a quite well established, central datacenter based, information system architecture


The Edge

is a decentral, independent but connected, part of future information systems architectures.


Edge Computing

deals with networks, hardware and software to create Edge Computing Appliances.


Edge Computing Appliances

run in a local network or standalone (@The Edge) with ability to connect to the Cloud


Edge Computing provides:

  • Local power to achieve and sustain mass adoption of high-end low latency services.

  Examples: AI-based Computer Vision, Intelligent Robotics, any kind of sensor/actor based pattern -recognition and/or -generation.

  • Fault Tolerance & Operational Continuity.


Edge Computing prevents:

  • Interuption of service due to breakdown or congestion of available communication lines and their bandwith


Edge Computing improves:

  • Robustness/Stability of Service (Reaction Time, Cyber Security e.t.c.)

  • Cost


EDGE and CLOUD connected together create a Decentralized Low Latency / High Performance Services Architecture.

Edge Capability of your business model is an important prerequisite for staying on the scene in times of digital transformation !

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